Awkward Silence Recordings (U.K.)
bauri / novel 23 'teddymx' / 'moony girl' - split 7"
(600 copies, due: 3rd june 2002)

info: bauri and novel 23 are brought together on this very limited release, which features exclusive tracks and some very nice artwork from two of the best modern, innovative idm artists around.

sweden's bauri aka twenty-three year old martin abrahamsson brings us another delightful slice of his amazingly intricate melody-driven electronica in the shape of 'teddymx', a track which grows and evolves from some simple bleeps and scrapes into a fully-formed piece of timeless electronic listening music. already receiving comparisons to the likes of warp's legendary 'artifical intelligence' series of releases, this is one of bauri's strongest tracks, no question.

the b-side is occupied by 'moony girl', the latest offering from roman belousov of moscow, russia, who is better known as novel 23. as is usual with this artist, melody is at the core of the track, which is a gently building analogue-based soundtrack for a trip into outer space, not unlike some of isan's early work...

both artists have built up a very strong underground following over the past couple of years and bauri has released some very well received singles and eps with the likes of the pitchcadet, de:bug, english muffin and neo ouija labels and his stunning debut album 'the slacker journal' has just been released to critical accliam on neo ouija. bauri has undertaken remixes for yellow6, metamatics, geiom, tim koch and lackluster amongst others, and has also appeared on numerous other releases on labels including city centre offices, benbecula and his own saundart recordings label, alongside plod and arovane.

novel 23 has previously released one of the strongest electronic debut albums of recent years in 'melodies of childhood for advanced imagination' on pitchcadet - a joyous affair full of catchy, upbeat 'instrumental nursery rhymes for grown-ups' - comparisons to the uber-melodic side of plaid are often made... as well as this great album, novel 23 has also released the 'cross split ep', a shared project with ambidextrous, and has appeared on releases for labels including toytronic, merck, art-tek and bip hop amongst others.

this is a very special record from two of the most exciting artists currently rising up through the ranks of the 'intelligent dance music' scene and is undoubtedly one of awkward silence's strongest electronic releases so far. by our calculations, it's sure to follow the pattern of previous releases from bauri and novel 23 by selling out in record time... don't miss out (and don't say we didn't warn you)!

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